Life insurance is essential for most of us, particularly for people with spouse and children.

Our advice will not only assist you in determining the amount of insurance required, but also the most appropriate type and method. Additionally, by tailoring such products as Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurances, we can plan so you and your dependants do not suffer financial hardship by ensuring that you continue to receive an income - or a lump sum - in the event that you are incapacitated and unable to work.

Our insurance advice can cover both personal and business requirements.

Types Of Insurance

Insurance is a very broad topic and not very well understood. There are two main areas of insurance that everyone should be aware of: General Insurance (Car, Home, Contents, Workers Comp, etc) and Personal Insurance. For the purposes of this webpage, the information that will be briefly explained is the Personal Insurance which is also commonly called Risk Insurance.There are four main types of Risk Insurance which are described below for your information.

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