Work Place Benefits

The Sherlock Group offer work place benefits that employees can take advantage of, simply for being part of the corporate super fund. These work place benefits provide significant savings and opportunities for employees, which you can implement at anytime.

1.    Mortgages broking & advice service -

We provide a premium mortgage broking services. E-Mortgage specialises in all types of home loans. We recognise that each client has specific needs in relation to their finance. We strive to meet those unique requirements through our knowledge and expertise gained from over 20 years hands-on experience in the mortgage and finance industry.

No matter what, we can obtain the best rates and products available that suits an employee's needs.

2.    Access to BUPA's corporate product

As the saying goes, your best asset is your health.  That’s why The Sherlock Group and Bupa have come together and created a range of products to suit your needs. Bupa have agreed to offer all Sherlock Group clients access to their corporate range of products, as opposed to you only having access to their personal retail products. i.e. genuine discounts for the life of the policy.

There is a dedicated website where staff can login to view the full range of benefits and use the online calculators to determine the right product for themselves. There is also a customer service number where staff can talk to BUPA employees that understand the corporate benefits offer and can make comparisons to what they currently have.

3.    Discounted Lighting, Electricity & Gas Offer

We have partnered with a company called Ledified to offer genuine savings on lighting, electricity & gas. Discounts on electricity and gas are provided by AGL via Ledified. Discounts vary depending upon which State you reside in.

4.    Life Insurance - managed your way

We have developed a new and exciting service where you can:

  1. Educate yourself about the various types of life insurance available and benefits of each;
  2. Obtain and compare quotes from most of the major insurers instantly (discounted 5% for super fund members); and can even
  3. Apply online and get insurance cover immediately.

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5.    Sort your Estate - Now Sorted

Right now if you asked your closest family member if they knew where all your estate information and papers were ...... would this be their reaction ?

Not knowing will be extremely painful for family members, both emotionally and financially. Our solution means that your family will be spared the pain at a time of deep concern.

Now Sorted enables you to have ‘all the right information anytime, anywhere’.

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Important:  Note these offers are through related entities or companies we have partnered with, and are not authorised corporate representatives/entities of Madison Financial Group.

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