Event Registration

When conducting educational seminars, there are two options available for employers to choose with repect to event registration for their staff.

Please note, both options can be choosen.

1.  Dedicated Web page for Employer's staff

We can build a dedicated web page for an employer where all upcoming seminars are listed so employees can view and register their interest at anytime prior to the seminar. Employer and Employees will be able to also view the remaining seats available. We can also tailor dedicated web pages to include any other information that the employer may want their employees to view.

2. Web based event management

We have the ability to send invitations via email to all employees inviting them to scheduled seminars approved by the employer. Once the invitations have been sent, employees will be able to RSVP online to the seminar of their choice and confirm their attendance.

Furthermore, with our web based event registration, we can report to the employer the following:

With this kind of reporting we will be able to inform the employer the levels of interest for the seminar(s) and whether or not more seminars need to be made due to popularity or whether seminars need to be postponed/cancelled due to lack of interest.To find out more about our event registration capabilities, please visit our dedicated website.

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