Suggested Seminar Topics

Our Seminars include but are not limited to the following areas:

Super Fund Update

We can tailor this seminar to how you want, however we find employees usually want an update on investment performance, fees, default insurance, latest facilities and benefits.

Super Strategies

We present what super strategies are available to increase your super, and the advantages of each strategy


Choice of Funds

We remind staff what are employees and employers rights under choice of funds legislation. We also raise the important issues that employees need to consider when making their super choice.

Estate Planning

Covers such issues as: Why nominate a beneficiary in super, how can they be used, importance of wills and power of attorney's.

Wealth Creation Strategies

This seminar covers the latest and most effective ways to build your wealth, including the various types of child saving plans. We cover everything from basic savings plans to sophisticated gearing and tax effective strategies.


We provide an overview of latest mortgage products and features, how to structure your loan, and things to consider. This seminar we usually request what type of information you would like us to present.


The seminar includes an overview of the types of insurance and benefits of insurance. The importance of insurance is discussed and examples of the costs involved. 

Tax effective investments

We explore and detail the types of tax effective investments products and strategies available under the current legislation.

Gearing Investment

A small but important seminar on the advantages of gearing, benefits of gearing, and what products are available for these types of investments. 

Leasing and Hire Purchase

We cover such topics as how to structure your lease or hire purchase, and discuss the important issues to consider when considering these types of finance.

If you would like to tailored a seminar to suit your needs then please contact us using our seminar enquiry form.

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