Our Tx3 approach

First Principle in Corporate Superannuation: one size does not fit all.

· It is because the employees of an organisation are different ages and occupy different positions of responsibility that we segment fund members into constituencies.

· This approach (we call it 'T x 3') enables us to tailor services within three main tiers in line with relevant member needs: the benefits to our clients are greater efficiency and lower costs.

· The key to providing high-grade services is in understanding the preferences of each client.

· We use analytical tools to research client needs before submitting our value proposition.

· For our fee for service clients all advice and implementation issues relating to superannuation investments are fee-based. We do not take any commission on these investments.

'T x 3' - Why it works for you.

Tier 1: The foundation fund will be easy-to-understand, flexible . and meet the expectations of all its members.

Tier 2: We build upon the foundation a tier of multiple resources to which members will enjoy unlimited access.

Tier 3: This delivers individually tailored financial planning advice that members may opt to access if they wish; we provide a broad selection of finance-related services at rates that are at a substantial discount to normal market rates.

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