Introduction to Sherlock Consulting

Who we are.

We have had the privilege of providing superannuation services for over 45 years. Our clients range from mid-sized professional enterprises to high profile national and international corporations (see back page).

We are a family company, with a strong focus on superannuation services that are contemporary in design and underpinned by family values.

While based in Sydney, our clients are located coast-to-coast.

What we do.

We are acutely aware that when it comes to employer superannuation, a 'one-size-fits-all' approach falls far short of what both employers and employees need.

For that reason - and because no two organisations are exactly alike - we tailor every superannuation plan to the specific requirements of each client.

We do this through our unique 'T x 3' approach to member benefits, which delivers a high degree of satisfaction at the individual member level, as well as boosting levels of morale throughout the whole organisation.

How we deliver benefits to employers and employees.

We employ a disciplined process that begins by asking key questions to search for answers from both the employer and employee constituencies.

Among the numerous questions we ask: What is the culture of the organisation? What are the key objectives of the employer? What are the key expectations of the employees? What are the most important components sought in the super plan? What do younger members look for? What is important to middle management? How do senior members calibrate 'retirement sufficiency'? Are specific strategies, such as 'transition to retirement', understood and are they implemented to advantage?

Following analysis, we make recommendations for discussion; next, a three-tiered structure is provided to deliver the benefits that have been agreed upon. This generates high efficiency ... and low fees.

Thereafter, all members receive service on a continuing basis, with reviews taking place at agreed intervals, and feedback sought regularly.

Importantly, we take no commissions on superannuation investments: our fee structure is both transparent and extremely competitive.

Result: we have no conflicts of interest, and all members are better off.

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