How We Differ

Where we differ from competitors

· We are particularly attentive to the needs of each category of fund membership, from the most senior to the most junior.

· Because every organisation is different, we tailor superannuation plans to suit the specific needs of each and every client.

· Our three-tiered approach delivers as its foundation a superannuation fund specifically designed to suit employers and employees; built upon the foundation is a layer of invaluable resources for members to enjoy; and sitting above that is the optional availability of individually tailored advice for members who seek it.

· You will find us totally transparent in every aspect of our relationship.

· After 45 years, we are particularly well resourced to provide a dedicated team for members, all of whom will have favourable access to ancillary services such as mortgages, risk-management services, non-superannuation investments, and an estate organising and planning service; all at a substantial discount to market rates.

· We insist upon your measuring us against the promises we make and we have developed a formal process for you to do this.

When to use our services

We shall agree a review time-frame that suits your requirements (quarterly, half-yearly, or annually) and make ourselves available at additional times in line with your stated needs.

In short, we urge you to use us 'as and when you need to'. You may rest assured that we shall be there when you do.

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