Planning Process

The quality of the advice we provide comes from following a proven planning procedure. This ensures that you receive advice that applies directly to your unique circumstances. The planning process involves four(4) main steps

1.    Build a Profile

Together we identify your needs and goals, discuss your comfort level of risk and make sure you understand all aspects of the advice we are about to give. We undertake a thorough analysis of your situation based on the information you supplied. Essentially, we build a profile of who you are and where you want to be, both financially and individually.

2.    Develop solutions

We prepare your financial strategy, selecting the financial products that best match that strategy. Based on our assessment expertise and research resources, we develop options for you that will enable you to improve your financial position progressively in line with your goals. These options take into account cash flow, tax and social security issues.

3.    Provide recommendations

A set of recommendations is prepared, with supporting research, for your consideration. This is then refined and adjusted in consultation with you until we are all in agreement on the set course of action.

4.    Implement & review

Once you are satisfied with the action plan, we set things in motion with a minimum of fuss and then agree on a schedule of portfolio and investment performance reviews.

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